Finding Home in district 5

Western Howard County is a beautiful place to live (and I've lived all over). I'm so happy that a lifetime of wandering has led me here where I can raise and educate my children. Here's my story of finding home in District 5.

I grew up in South Carolina and moved to Maryland to attend St. John’s College, where I earned a degree in philosophy, classics, and the history of math and science. It was a superb liberal arts education that prepared me to always be curious and to never be afraid of unfamiliar topics. This curiosity led me all over the globe. I've lived in five states, at least five cities in Maryland, one foreign country (Thailand), and visited numerous foreign countries.

For nearly 15 years, I wrote travel guidebooks to Thailand and Southeast Asia for Lonely Planet. On a regular basis, I would commute across the Pacific, spend about a month in Southeast Asia researching hotels, restaurants, activities, culture, and current events. I loved exploring these exotic destinations but I was always thankful to return to the U.S. Prior to that I worked as an editor in Washington, DC, and in San Francisco, CA, two cities where I learned about the importance of investing in public infrastructure and the importance of cultural diversity.

Once my husband and I had children, we stopped wandering and found a place to put down roots. We chose Maryland for its economic opportunities and family-friendly way of life. Our deepest roots sprouted in Catonsville where I began my second career as an education advocate. I worked with the community at my son’s elementary school to successfully lobby for a new air-conditioned building and an experienced school administration. I also served as the PTA president where I implemented modern accounting systems, ran two years of budget surplus and fiscal responsibility, and identified new sources of revenue. My PTA board worked with the County Executive’s office to improve walkability to the school and to local retail space. The community that I served in Catonsville will attest to how hard I worked for them and how I never let the status quo intimidate me into silence.

When it was time to graduate out of our quintessential Baltimore townhouse, we were lucky enough to find a quirky 1970s house in the woods of western Howard County. My children and I gather raspberries in the summer, tend to our backyard bees, and are experts on snakes, bugs, and birds. We are great admirers of the cows and horses grazing in the roadside fields and marvel at the gravity-defying hay bales stacked three high on trailer beds. My mother grew up on a farm in north-central Ohio and this proximity to rural life taps into my pioneer ancestry.

My children both attend our zoned Howard County public elementary school where I currently serve as the PTA vice president. I am active in the Ellicott City & Western Howard County Democrats Club and in a local grassroots group that organizes door-knocking efforts to educate voters on local issues.

What I've learned Living All Over

Living in many places gives me great perspective on local issues. I've been represented by elected officials who made community connections, showed up at local meetings, and brought home infrastructure and resources. I would like to do the same for District 5. Click on the "Issues" button to learn more about how I will work for District 5.

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