My family moved to Howard County because of the high-quality schools. And we’ve been pleased beyond belief. HCPSS staff and families do an excellent job supporting education.

But Howard County schools are only as strong as the County Council’s commitment to fully funding public education, building new schools, and managing growth and development.

I’ve been involved in education advocacy since my son started pre-school. I’m familiar with how local governments short-change our kids and I will make education our county’s top priority.

Responsible Growth

Parts of District 5 are being developed so rapidly that residents are overwhelmed by increased traffic, construction noise, and overcrowded schools.

Howard County should welcome new residents but growth should be done in a smart, responsible way so that county services and infrastructure can keep pace with development.

I will work to ensure that overcrowded schools get the capital improvement investments that they need; that developers pay their fair share for infrastructure; and roadways adequately and safely support the residents.


In Western Howard County, the environment is our neighbor, livelihood, and claim to fame. Whether we are farmers or commuters, we are uniquely dependent on the land, drink water directly from the earth, and are especially vulnerable to the contaminating effects of above-ground activities.

True leadership at the county council level will build consensus amongst all of Western Howard County's residents. Neighborhoods and farms benefit from each other and can work together to protect our health, safety and traditions.



What are your concerns?

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