Primary Election Candidate Forum May 23 – Videos

China Williams,

Thank you for participating in the League of Women Voters of Howard County’s 2018 Primary Forum for Howard County Candidates on May 23rd in the​ Banneker Room of the George Howard Building.

The video of the forum is online now and the links of particular interest to you are:

County Council District 5 - Democratic

County Council District 5

Democratic Primary

All Primary Races

We request that materials produced by the League of Women Voters not be edited. If you would like to direct voters to a particular moment in the video, you can create links that take viewers directly to a particular time using either of the following methods:

The description of each video (excepting the full forum) includes the list of questions asked as well as candidate names and the link to their email, facebook, or website, depending on which was listed first in the filing with the Board of Elections. If you would like us to change your link, please let me know and I will update it.

We thank you for your participation in this project and look forward to working with you to provide the voters of Maryland accurate and complete candidate information for this election.


Betsy Grater and Beth Hufnagel, Co-Presidents

Alice Giles, Voter Service Chair

League of Women Voters of Howard County

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